about kereru

kereru gallery features the work of established artist Karen Walters and acclaimed jeweller Mike Walters and exhibits work from a 'hand picked' selection of exquisitely talented NZ artists whom they represent throughout the year.

The gallery is recognised for it's contemporary earthy flavour and uniquely exudes this theme through a diverse range of work on display. Sculptures, jewellery, paintings, ceramics and cast glass can be viewed here within an elongated modern white gallery space situated beneath the upper living quarters of Mike and Karen Walters and nestled to the outer side of the quirky and picturesque Mapua Wharf.

It functions as both a gallery and workshop space. The gallery opens up to 3 exhibition spaces and also contains both a jewellers workshop and sculptors workshop on site that can be viewed by the public.

our promise

At Kereru Gallery we wish to provide viewers with an ever-changing range of fresh and uplifting visual stimulation. Throughout the year work is being constantly updated and throughout the busy Summer and Autumn months the gallery features new work by Kereru Artists within a series of themed Group Exhibitions.

Mike and Karen are constantly creating new pieces within their workshop spaces at Kereru for exhibitions, display and commission work.

Kereru Gallery can provide personal advice on the suitability of artwork within your home. This can include; artwork(s) being superimposed on an image of your wall or surrounding space, and/or artwork given 'on loan' overnight in order to give confidence and understanding prior to a potential purchase being made.

Kereru Gallery has experience in packaging and freighting worldwide, ensuring artwork makes it's way to you safely, economically and efficiently.

what’s on

I love you Summer!!!!

Bloom Boom!
26 nov – 28 dec 2017
Jane Blackmore, Karen Walters, Jody Hope Gibbons, Michelle McIver, Michael Potter.
Be blasted by a visual boom of blooms! Paintings, sculptures, printmaking and pottery will explode from the walls and tables and ‘pack a punch’ with volume, colour and texture.

My Place Outdoors
26 nov – 28 dec 2017
Lynne Brown, Ilya Volykhine, Aralyn Doiron, Brendan Adams.
This show is full of paint, mixed media, object, and ceramic and has elements of quirk, nostalgia and happiness.

Wednesday-Sunday : 11-4pm
Monday/Tuesday : closed