Aralyn Doiron left an established art career in the U.S. nearly 10 years ago to make her home in Golden Bay. She is a painter, illustrator and sculptor using reclaimed materials. After painting on windows as a teenager it wasn’t until many years later that she considered applying the technique to her own paintings when her husband, a builder, came home with some wooden framed windows, asking “Can you do something with these?” “They were too nice to throw out.”

“The reverse technique requires me to look at everything back to front. The whole process is a bit of a mind game, as, once there is paint on the window, I am painting ‘blind’ and only see the result when the window is turned around. While I still enjoy painting ‘frontwards’ on doors and wood panels, the reverse technique result is quirky and immediate and forces me to toss my perfectionist out the window. I enjoy telling human stories with my work using humour, irony and hidden images.”

Aralyn has her window paintings in collections across the world.


Works in Gallery