Darryl Frost lives and works out of his studio at the picturesque Kina Beach. Frost is a ceramic artist and one of a few in the country to embrace the use of a Japanese Anagama kiln. This kiln is one which requires a week worth of constant and dedicated wood fed firing, it allows the creation of unpredictable and beautifully imperfect pieces. Darryl’s focus and love lies with the unexpected, the tactile hand making of the clay, the alchemy created inside the kiln, of ash, salt, and the spirited flame. His inability to predict the outcome is what he appreciates the most and is the inspiration behind his artistic experimentation and development.

Darryl only fires once every six months, and each firing lasts for around a week. Along with a dedicated crew, he mans the kiln day and night to make sure it stays at the correct temperature. It is a labour of love. The pieces Frost adores the most are those that have been unrestrained and taken on a life of their own.

Although largely self-taught, Frost began his love with clay and fire as a student at the Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology graduating with a certificate in an arts and crafts training programme in the 1980s. His ongoing enthusiastic artistic career has lead him to be involved in many major public commissions as well as multiple solo and group shows across the country and overseas. His unique work is widely acknowledged and is held in many public and private collections, including the Wallace Arts Trust.


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