David lloyd

David lloyd was born in Hampton court in the UK and came to New Zealand in 1973 in his early twenties. He lived in Golden bay for a short while and during this time became immersed in the ‘bubbling’ art and craft world. David was involved with a few shops and galleries around the country, making and selling leather creations, eventually ending up in Canterbury.

“I had a stall at the Art Centre market for several years until the country changed it’s import regulations and we were overrun with cheap imports made by cheap labour in a foreign country somewhere, I was put out of business overnight as were others .. ( so what has changed ? ) I followed this up with doing a silversmith course, learning the finer points of jewellery making”. It was after this that David’s work really progressed as he played with copper and discovered it’s malleablility and the levels of his own manipulation of it. It was then that his work took on a larger dimension. “I gave up the art centre market and became involved making work for exhibitions and have never looked back”.


Works in Gallery

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