Helen Perrett likes her work to evoke stories and histories; is intrigued by the world of tales and myths; and the richness of language and symbolism. She likes to make animals and figures which suggest a story.

“I have always been drawn to children’s book illustration, particularly the work of Peter Suart, Kay Neilson and Arthur Rackham. I am also a huge fan of Edward Gorey, Mervyn Peake, Heath Robinson and Shaun Tan.”

Helen Perrett whose many qualifications include a Bachelor of Arts (Auckland Uni) and a Diploma of Ceramics (Otago Polytech) works mainly with terracotta clays while also enjoying modeling and throwing with porcelain.

She mainly fires in an electric kiln to earthenware temperatures but enjoys forays into soda firing and raku. Most of the sculptural works are finished with layers of coloured slips and oxide washes


Works in Gallery