Jason’s paintings capture the infinity we as New Zealanders have with the land.

Jason’s work is a snapshot into our past. From a time when you knew everyone in your street. Landscape work is back as the staple of the collection through layering and scratching back a strong textural quality adds to the unique nature of the work.

Jason has achieved recognition with Norsewear and Waikato art awards and Rosl art UK travel scholarship. His work is regularly published in books and magazines and he has extensive exhibition listings and works in major corporate and private collections in NZ and overseas. Last year he has also been privileged to have a solo show at Mercedes Benz Wellington Star as the artist of residence at Samuel Marsden Collegiate School.

“The intention of my work is to be accessible with imagery that has a strong sense of place and identity. The works are a balance between analysing the past and provoking questions for the future.”


Works in Gallery