Michelle McIver grew up in the south of New Zealand, and spent most of her childhood with pencil in hand, drawing. After initial studies in Fine Art at the Otago School of Art, she went on to the University of Otago to complete her Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology, Education and then Japanese.

Five years spent living and working in rural Japan piqued her interest in the Japanese aesthetic, and of the Japanese ability to find beauty in the simple and mundane. It was whilst Michelle was there that she began her love affair with Japanese woodcut prints. This art form resonated strongly with Michelle, as she enjoyed relief printmaking’s often crisp, considered and bold graphics.

As a printmaker Michelle is largely self-taught, and enjoys the challenge of learning the required techniques. Her appreciation of things handmade, and belief that ‘good things take time’ was instilled in her childhood of making and creating.

Upon returning to New Zealand, Michelle taught in secondary schools and then began her young family. She now enjoys painting and printmaking fulltime. Always a keen observer of her surroundings, Michelle focuses on shape, texture and form, and is inspired to elevate the ‘everyday’ to become objects worthy of closer inspection.


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