Since 2007 Nicki has worked in the ancient Egyptian technique of encaustic, one of the most archival processes known. She makes her own paint using a heady mix of beeswax and damar resin (both organically pure) and biological materials, mixed with raw pigment. The practice of working in a hot medium presents an exciting yet demanding challenge due to the constant metamorphosis of the wax via the heating and cooling process. The interplay between the layers creates an enigmatic depth and translucency in the work, a luminosity not available through other mediums.

Nicki has received several awards since 2001 when she returned to NZ from extended travels away. She has had several solo shows and exhibits regularly in group shows. She teaches workshops from her studio in the South Wairarapa as well as travelling to teach regularly throughout the country. ‘The ancient history of encaustics and its fluidity originally captivated me, the heating and cooling process demanding control unlike that of any other painting medium. Through the building up and breaking down of the surface using the element of fire, a dynamic chaos is captured, reflective of the natural world and geographical landscape which surrounds me and which fuels my imagination.’


Works in Gallery