Rachael Errington is a New Zealand, Queenstown based artist and illustrator. She also studied graphic design, printmaking, photography and textiles. Rachael also loves creative writing, and has been actively involved with varied projects.

At present, Rachael mainly works with oils and acrylics, enjoying the diversity that she experiences with both mediums. She sometimes combines them on one painting, to create texture.

“I have always been an artist, from the first moment at the age of three when I drew a brightly coloured crayon picture of “Big Nanny” on the freshly painted white hallway. I’ve always loved to draw and write, and as I went through school I became involved with all the art clubs I could find, from pottery to technical drawing. It was really my A’level art course (age sixteen to eighteen), that started my painting career, introducing me to oils and acrylics. I loved being able to squash colour across a surface. I went on to study a Bachelor of Arts in Illustration with Business Studies, which opened the door to printmaking and photography. For my final year I primarily studied printmaking and took a research trip to Asia, to study how art was influenced by a different culture. This lead to a series of prints depicting the religious turmoil in Tibet; for which I then won ‘The Sylvia Dowsett Memorial Award.”


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