Renee Boyd

Reneé Boyd approaches working with clay in her own unique style using botanical themes as patterns which makes her work instantly recognisable.

Many of her pieces are pierced, allowing light to play its part in the overall sculptural effect. Each piece is made by hand, by building up slabs of clay using subtle textures and delicate matt glazing. The intent of her work is to express movement, texture and light with a contemporary theme.

Reneé has a Diploma in Ceramics and her work has been selected for various exhibitions in recent years including New Zealand’s premier ceramic exhibition, The Portgage Ceramic Awards.

[blockquote] “Many of my design ideas begin with simple paper templates and are translated into collages, often around a theme and a blend of different types of clays. This theme can be a colour, shape, “feeling”… When I work with shape or pattern the collages of clay images work as reference points. Throughout history, objects have been used as symbols. These symbols come in many shapes and forms; reminders of past events, symbols of hope, little narratives of life and time.” [/blockquote]

Works in Gallery

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