Sean Crawford is an internationally successful artist from rural Carterton, New Zealand. From his purpose-built workshop, Sean creates ‘Pacific Modern’ style sculptures and multi-media works. Inspired by his rural upbringing shooting possums and crutching sheep, Sean’s love of art and the great New Zealand outdoors intertwine in imaginative and unexpected ways. Though Sean always had a natural interest in art, he first embarked on a career in the plumbing trade in suburban New Zealand. It was an extensive trip across Europe that reawakened Sean’s passion for art and design and inspired him to gain a Bachelor of Design with Honours in 2003.

Sean has been a full-time sculptor ever since, using a range of distinctive materials from galvanised steel to recycled native timbers and taxidermy to forge a unique style and distinctive design. The juxtaposition between taxidermy and steel in Sean’s recent works is a comment on the globalisation of New Zealand and its questionable deployment of military forces across the globe.

In 2013, Sean was a finalist for the signature award at the New Zealand Art Show in Wellington. His commissioned work ‘The Pioneer, Maui’s Bird and the Earthly Star’ is seen by thousands of people at Auckland Airport and a commission in 2015, ‘Waiting for Hammond’ was placed overlooking the Irish Sea. This two-meter high huia bird near Cork, Ireland, shows that though Sean’s inspiration his home-grown, his art has international appeal. “It is not the object that defines us – it merely implicates us,” says Sean.


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