Veronica Maser was born in 1968 in Switzerland and immigrated to New Zealand in 1992. She attended Art School in Switzerland and from then was involved in building miniature models and working as a display artist.

Veronika lives and works as a fulltime artist in Hokitika on the West Coast of the South Island. Since 1999 she has exhibited both nationally and internationally.

“My work is inspired by a variety of sources as Islamic Art, microscopic plant cells, medical journals and a love for the old doilies. Exploring this textures and shapes and extending its forms I intend to create a landscape that evokes feeling of cosmic exploration. Also by enlarging this imagery I articulate a language addressing issues of culture, contemplation, identity the question of our existence and remembering links to the past and the moment.

I choose images that trigger my contemplative thoughts and most importantly my works are reminders to strive for a greater understanding.”

Works in Gallery