In a previous life Michael Potter was such things as a Photojournalist and a Wine-maker, but after completing a Diploma of Ceramic Arts in 2014, he became true to his name; a full-time potter. His first year as a full-time potter was a fantastic start, with his student work being recognised by Objectspace in their annual Best in Show for outstanding graduates in applied arts and design. He was awarded again soon after this and accepted as a finalist in the Portage Ceramic Awards 2015.

He has since been thriving as a Ceramicist, producing a wide range of functional pottery pieces as well as exploring and experimenting with varying clays, glazes and tecniques in order to create exquisite artistic pieces. “I am very lucky to be living and working in Mapua, with an overabundance of natural beauty as inspiration, a great network of supportive potters and artists, and the most supportive wife a bloke could hope for! And a silly dog!!”


Works in Gallery